529 – To Do: Switch off Wunderlist

Nearly 5 years ago, Microsoft acquired a German developer called 6wunderkinder, who built a cool, cross-platform task management tool, Wunderlist. Over the half-decade since, the back-end of Wunderlist was basically rebuilt so it could run on Azure (instead of its previous cloud platform), and many of the team who had developed Wunderlist moved to working […]

517 – Try the preview…

Several of Microsoft’s standard apps within Windows ship updates regularly, and increasingly are offering willing early adopters a peek at what’s coming through a  “Try the preview” or “Coming Soon” option, usually in the top right of the main screen. You might need to force an update on your apps to get the latest version; […]

Tip o’ the Week 498 – Go do, To Do (you do so well)

The Microsoft To Do desktop and mobile applications and services (all available from https://todo.microsoft.com/) had a major update recently, which included being slightly renamed. Instead of “Microsoft To-Do”, the core app is now simply “Microsoft To Do”, and it has a new logo (well done if you noticed)… instead of a blocky light-blue and white […]

Tip o’ the Week 465 – Cortana, remind me To-Do sync

The ongoing post-Wunderlist improvements to To-Do, continue apace. The app has been updated again recently, to include a bunch of additional functionality, like Cortana integration. In fact, the Store listing name for To-Do is now appended with some additional context of what it can now do, at least if your language is English and you’re […]

Tip o’ the Week 446 – What’s brown and sticky?

Q: What *is* brown and sticky? A: A stick… Q: What’s yellow and sticky?A: One of the most successful product design failures in history. Yes, the Post-It note (which has gone on to spawn many imitators, sometimes known as just “stickies” or “sticky notes”) was essentially invented by accident almost 50 years ago, by a […]