i-Mate device updates support direct push email from Exchange

If you have Exchange 2003 and have SP2 installed, and you’re already publishing Outlook Web Access to the internet then you’ve probably got everything you need to enable push email to a suitable mobile device.

If your mobile device happens to be an i-mate SP5, SP5m, JAMin, K-JAM or JASJAR (otherwise know to the techie world under their HTC codenames of Tornado (both the SP5’s), Prophet, Wizard or Universal), then you’re in luck since www.clubimate.com has made upgrades to AKU2.0 available.

AKU (Adaption Kit Update) 2.0 is a new ROM image for these devices and includes various software updates, including the ability to do Direct Push mail to Exchange.

Downloads from ftp://ftp.clubimate.com/ – more details on what’s what available to registered users on the Clubimate web site.