Travel’s a curse

We all know that travelling on business can be a pain, and the glamour of travelling on holiday has long since worn off…

… so I thought I’d share some useful travel websites to help ease the pain (if you feel that way, and haven’t seen them before)…

  • – a must-have resource for any frequent flyers, to check out the skinny on mileage claims, scams, best way to get discount business class etc etc
  • – use your IATA booking reference number for flights to check that you’re definitely flying, and maybe even see how full the flight is (if your airline doesn’t give you that already)
  • – I’ve used this site loads of times to pick hotels (some of them, a bit off the beaten track) when on holiday, or just to figure out where to go/what to do
  • or – are you sitting in a seat which won’t recline? By a bulkhead with no legroom? Look on these sites and you’ll find reviews (yes) of specific seats on a load of carriers’ planes….

I’ve already booked the summer holiday, and have used all of these sites in making sure I get the best deal 🙂



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